Research Initiatives

With respect to politics, size and demographics, Florida is a place of great interest in justice reform, and thus we have a tremendous opportunity to turn poor outcomes and unenviable policies and practices into stronger, public interest models for national duplication. Because of our landing in academia, we now have an additional practical application of our work: to foster the development of leadership in the concepts of Accountable Justice. Through student involvement in our educational and research activities, PAJ is positioned to contribute to the development of future leaders to carry forward and expand our work.

Initial activities at PAJ will include: development of a capstone seminar in Accountable Justice at FSU; internships; post-grad placements and fellowships across a variety of academic disciplines; and guest lecturing in classrooms and through town hall/public education venues at multiple institutions. These initial accomplishments will attract and encourage a pipeline of new talent to tackle the ongoing challenges of our criminal justice system and raise broad public awareness on these issues. These efforts will be supported through the development of our research agenda, which will evolve and refine with our body of work.

The following areas of research and public education will be conducted in 2012-2013, in accordance to strict academic integrity and the addition of the PAJ operating cornerstones.

  • Governance & Accountability
  • Front End Reengineering, including Juvenile Justice and Pretrial Strategies
  • Evidence-Based Programming to Reduce Victimization

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